November 7, 2012


I am waiting for the test results of my genetic testing to come back…hopefully one day next week.  I have been doing pretty good about not thinking about it.  Until today.  My little sister went to the doctor today and told them about my breast cancer and it just reminds me how concerned I am about these results.  The results affect so many people.  Her doctor wants to know when my results come in so they can determine whether she needs to be tested also.  And then there is the fact of how it will affect my own children.  Beckie and Domenic both.  The whole thing is just scary.

One bright side I am trying to look at is the fact that medicine is coming farther along every day.  If this does end up affecting one of my children or my sister’s, by that time medicine should have made even more advances.  That is what I keep reminding myself. But at the same time, it is hard to stay positive when it is your own family that you are thinking about.  It is one thing when it is happening to you.  But when the threat takes aim at your loved ones it is all together different.


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