November 6, 2012


Wow…what a last couple of days!  Between Thursday night and last night (Monday) I was so wore out that I could hardly hold my eyes open for any length of time.  I feel like I have slept the last several days away.  Today has been the first day that I could even half way concentrate on anything, including holding my eyes open.

I have movies to watch and books to read, but can’t concentrate.  Thankfully today has been a bit easier for me.  I am hoping that by Saturday I am feeling much better because we are planning to have Beckie’s birthday party on Saturday the 10th.  We are going to have it several days early because I have chemo on her actual birthday, November 15th.  My baby girl will be 17!  Where has the time gone?

I worry so much right now about how my illness is affecting my family.  It is at the top of my mind at all times.

I am waiting on my pictures to be mailed from Shutterfly.  I am working on a scrapbook about my cancer journey.  I hope that doesn’t sound strange to you guys.  This has been such a big part of our lives right now that I feel that I need to remember it somehow.  So, a scrapbook it is.  I have kept every single card that everyone has sent me and they will also be included.


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