The end of a blog….

I went back and reread my post from earlier this week and realized that I needed to update on how things are going now that I am at home and no longer working.  The other update came to be because several of my “breast cancer friends” and I were talking about the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness, but that most people no not see the ugly side of cancer.  They see the fun pink side that is broadcast on TV and through advertisements for October.

I first need to say that my husband deserves a medal for everything that he has done for me.  He is working hard to put two kids through college and paying for it himself.  The money that we had saved up over the years to pay for the kids college education was depleted by cancer treatment which left me feeling terrible.  With me not working now, all of the finances are on him.

On top of the financial part, Nick is willing to help out with anything that needs to be done in the house if it will help me.  He will sweep and mop floors, cook (he cooks most of the meals now), dishes, bathroom cleanup… everything.  He takes good care of me and I adore him for it.  The kids have also stepped up and help out with chores around work and college classes.

Since quitting work, I am taking less pain medication.  I still have pain, and I still have flareups, but the intensity is greatly decreased.  This is because I am able to do things that I can, yet stop if I realize that it is causing my pain to increase.  This is made possible by being at home.  I can rest when needed and do things around the house when I am able.  This has helped me so much.

So, in short, I am no longer in the amount of pain that I wrote about in the previous post.  That post explained why we made the decision for me to be at home.  I still have to pace myself and cannot make firm plans because I never know what each day will be like until it gets here.  Working just took the pain to an unbearable level.

Nick and the kids and I are doing really well and I am thankful for them and for everything that they do for me.  I am also thankful for my mom who also helps out as much as she can.  Having a great family is a huge blessing!

The more that I have thought lately, the more I could see that this blog was coming to an end.  It started out as a way to keep family and friends across the county updated on my treatments and as an outlet for me.  I feel that I have reached the other side now where I am back to living life and I don’t “need” this outlet any longer.  The time has come that I am ready to move on with life and live each day to the fullest with my husband, children, and the rest of my family.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have followed my blog for the past few years as well as the many people who started out as strangers but quickly became friends because of this blog.  This blog allowed others who have gone through the same illness to reach out to me.  We have encouraged one another and been there to laugh and cry through many different periods of our personal journey’s.  I will always treasure each of those friendships and will continue to read their blogs and follow their story.

The End.


4 thoughts on “The end of a blog….

  1. You have an amazing family whonhave stuck by you in you not desired time of need. To be honest, growing up with Nick you would have never thought that! Lol He turned out to be the most amazing husband, father and friend anyone can ask for! Your kids are amazing for also being there for you. You deserve every happiness you get! I love you Deb and always stay strong. I will also be here for you whenever you need
    Love ya girl

    • Nick has been amazing through all of this. He was very much my rock and my protector. He stood up and fought with me. He is my hero. We came out on the other end of this even stronger than ever. I have an amazing family (Husband, kids, mom, sisters, and friends.

  2. I so enjoyed your posts. I wish you the best of everything. You came to me at a time I needed to hear what other people were experiencing. You have been very helpful and I appreciate it. Blessings to you and your family

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. This blog started out as a way to keep family and friends updated, but in the end became an outlet for my emotions and feelings. Thank you for going along with me. I wish you all the best!

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