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Biopsy Results

I went for my ultrasound and biopsy on Wednesday, May 13th.  I went with the thought in mind that it was just scar tissue.  I left the hospital more scared than ever.  Without going into detail because that day turned out to be very emotional for me and I am not confident that I can remember exactly was said, I was told that the mass measured approximately 1.9cm by 2cm and looked suspicious for a breast cancer recurrence.

I am very happy to announce that on Friday I received a call from my oncologist informing me that the area was a combination of scar tissue and fat necrosis.  Nothing to worry about!!!  If the lump becomes bothersome I can have it removed.  I do not wish to have it removed since my body appears to really like forming scar tissue and knowing my luck it would be replaced with an even larger amount!!!

My oncologist said that they will check it periodically to make sure that nothing has changed.

I cannot even begin to explain how I felt when the radiologist who did the biopsy informed me that she was worried that this was a recurrence.  Life stops.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe, as if something was sitting on my chest.  I had multiple thoughts going through my head… “I can’t tell my family this again”  “What will Nick do?”  “How are my kids going to handle this again???”  “I can’t bear to see my moms face if I have to tell her the cancer has returned”  “Why me?”  “Life is so unfair”  So many thoughts and so many emotions rushing in all at once.  The rest of the day was a blur as I tried to process everything.

I am beyond happy that I can now truly enjoy my sons high school graduation next week without this dark cloud hanging over me (all of us).  I am hugging my husband, children, and mom a little tighter, and telling them that I love them every day.


The fear of recurrence

The fear of a recurrence of breast cancer is something that every person who has had breast cancer worries about.  Two weeks and two days ago I noticed an area under my right arm (same side as the cancer).  It is low in the arm pit area and I first noticed it because my bra seems to irritate the area.  When rubbing the spot after removing my bra I noticed that there was something that didn’t feel right.  Dr. Riley, my oncologist, had showed me how to exam the lymph node areas and chest wall.  I am supposed to do this weekly so I can stay on top of any changes.  The area that has me worried just seemed to be there one day. 

I am hoping that it is just scar tissue or something else that will end up being nothing to worry about.  BUT…after going through breast cancer and knowing that there is always a chance of it coming back, feeling something that doesn’t feel right automatically sends fear racing through you. 

I keep telling myself that it is not cancer.  I have told myself that many times over the last two weeks.  Trying to stay positive!  I just told my mom and sisters last night.  They were upset with me for not telling them sooner. 

I will find out tomorrow what Dr. Riley wants to do.