Post-op appt with surgeon

Nick and I met with Dr. L on Tuesday for my post-op appointment.  When Dr. L came in to the room I told him that we needed to talk…and he asked me if there was a problem.  I replied “Yes there is….we apparently have different definitions for the word “discomfort”  He laughed…I was being serious!  I also told him that if I ended up requiring any other procedures in the future that we would need to discuss definitions of words that are being used to describe my recovery to make sure we are on the same page!!  Nick just laughed at this exchange.

I found out that the reason that I had so much more pain than anticipated was that when he was releasing the scar tissue he found that I had extensive amounts of scar tissue that had formed up under my arms.  That is the reason why he had to make longer incisions that he planned to.  He also had to completely remove the implants and removed a scar capsule that had formed around each of the implants.  This capsule was making the implants feel rock hard.

Overall he said that the surgery went well and that I am healing wonderfully and he is very happy with how I look following this step of the reconstruction.  I am very happy that I am able to raise both arms up over my head…something that has been very difficult for me to do.  The removal/release of the scar tissue up under my arms has made movement in my arms much easier.


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