2 days post-op -Warning Picture included

I knew that this surgery was not going to be easy, but I have still been surprised at the pain involved.  Dr. L had told me that he would reopen the original mastectomy scars, but when Nick removed my bandages this morning the incisions were almost double what they were before.  I hope that he was able to remove or release as much scar tissue as possible.  I can tell that the implants have already moved back down into their natural location.  They can no longer be felt up under my collar bone. I am resting a lot and still taking my pain pills along with benadryl for the itching that is caused by the pain meds. I am going to add a picture here of what the incision looks like…so if you don’t want to see now is the time to x out of this link. The picture shows one side, but the second side is nearly identical to the one shown in the picture. You have been warned. IMAG0221


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