Surgery Update

Yesterday was a long day.  We left the house at 10:30 to head for the hospital in Louisville.  Surgery was scheduled for 2pm…  But knowing my luck..I didn’t go back until 3 because the surgery before mine went longer than expected.

Do you know how they give you that cocktail of drugs before they take you to the operating room so you will be calm and relaxed?  I have always had that and have had no memories of the OR at all.  Yesterday was different.  The anesthesiologist forgot to order it for me before hand.  I was completely aware of being taken into the OR.  I moved myself over on to the operating table and was fully aware when they strapped my arms down.  That is when I started to freak out.  I was crying and shaking.  Abbey, Dr. L’s Physicians Assistant came over and held my hand and asked if I remembered her.  I said “Of course I remember you, Abbey.  You are one of the sweetest ladies that I have ever met”.  She talked to me and was able to get me to calm down.  It seemed like it took forever before they started giving me the medicine and put the oxygen mask over my face.  The next thing that I remember is waking up in the recovery room.

When I had the bilateral mastectomy I had a reaction to the Lortab pain medication that they gave me when I was in the hospital.  The doctor added Lortab as a medication that I am allergic to.  Fast forward to yesterday and I have reacted similarly to the Lortab incident.   This time I was given Percocet.  They now feel that I am allergic to the acetaminophen which is one of the main ingredients in both pain pills.  I spent the entire night itching all over.  The doctor said that Nick could give me Benadryl for the itching.

I am back to sleeping in the recliner again.  Nick slept on the couch last night so he could be near me in case I needed anything.  He takes such good care of me,  He got up several times during the night to help me to the bathroom and to get my pain medicine.  I think that he is a keeper!

As I said before, I cannot see the results on the “foobs”.  The plan was to release the scar tissue so that the implants can fall back into a normal position.  The fat grafting was to suction fat from my abdomen and inject it into the breast area to make the foobs have a more rounded appearance and to fill in some of the indentions caused by the scar tissue.  I can see my abdomen already because it is not bandaged..and wow…it looks terrible.  Very bruised.  And extremely sore.

I can’t wait to see what the results look like.  I hope the recovery period is not long.


4 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Stay strong and remember your in my prayers!! Can’t wait to see the me FOOBS!!!! Lol. Love you girl. I always itch to from meds!!

  2. Hi Debbie, so glad the surgery is over. I can understand the panic. I remember itching like crazy. I used Benadryl creme. Don’t know if that’s an option for you. Hang in there.

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