First off, I am very thankful that I have not had anything cancer related to blog about for a good while now!!!

I went to see my reconstruction surgeon yesterday.  I have had some issues with my implants that I have not been happy about.  And also because I went zip-lining over the weekend and I thought that I had yanked my arm off!!!  That was causing pain down into the reconstructed breast area.

One of the issues with my implants is that the one on the right had “drifted” up quite high.  The implant was smooshed (how is that for a medical term??) and could be felt right under my collar bone.  The tissue also had areas of intentions caused by the scar tissue.  The reconstructed breasts are sunken in on the front.  I actually discussed with Dr. Little the option of having the impants completely removed and just closing me up.  He said that based on the amount of tissue that was removed with my mastectomy, that I could expect to not just be flat like I assumed, but that the right side would probably end up with a caved in appearance and I may find that even harder to deal with emotionally.

Dr. L is going to do several steps.  The first step will be to go in and release the scar tissue.  I had this step done last April when I had the expanders removed.  I am dreading this part because it was very painful.  After releasing the scar tissue, he will do autologous fat transfer.  This means that he will do liposuction on my abdomen and then transfer to my breasts in order to fill in the sunken in areas around my implants to give them a more natural appearance.  He will not suction out the fat and then immediately inject it into the breast area.  The harvested fat will first go through centrifugation to separate out the unwanted components (blood, oil, water) before being transferred to the breast area.

Dr. L says that this should help the appearance greatly.  The most important part of the surgery is that it is releasing the scar tissue so that I do not have pain and discomfort from the implants having drifted.

His office is supposed to call me today to let me know when my surgery is scheduled.  Sometimes I seriously question whether it would have been easier if I had never attempted the reconstruction portion after the mastectomy.  I think it would have been much easier.  But then on the other hand, I know how self conscious I am about the appearance of the  implants, so I may have been worse off emotionally with no reconstruction.  I don’t know.  The one thing that I do know for certain is that no part of being diagnosed with breast cancer is easy.


11 thoughts on “Update

  1. Debbie, it wouldn’t have made a difference probably. Mine was done the same day, we still are working on all that, and my tissue has dropped back to the chest bone again. I’m thinking about leaving it alone and just buying a bra that would be sized with the right side. It’s crazy. I have so many friends that can’t understand why I don’t want to look at my body. But we shall overcome!!!!!!!!

    • Cyndi….I hate looking at myself in the mirror. And I don’t like Nick seeing me anymore either. It is hard. I know that the most important thing is that I am alive. I know that. But there are times that is is just so hard to look at all of the scarring on my body. This is something that people can’t fully understand unless they have personally gone through this themselves. And Nick has NEVER made me feel self conscious, it is all in my own head.

      I hope that you are doing OK, Cyndi. It was great to see you last week.

  2. Thanx for letting your followers know you’re ok. But still I cannot think of the idea of zip lining… I’m afraid of heights. 😛

  3. deb, sorry to hear about your problem.remember I had implants put in the day of my mast. then after all the filling stretching and surgery for the actual implant. I ended up with a severe infection and it had to be removed. I have a pretty deep indentation there, and now I wear a bra with one prosthesis ,which is also a pain in the butt. because it moves around in my bra all the time, up, down ,left, right etc. so my final thoughts on this is that I wish I would have had both breasts removed and then wear a bra with two prosthesis some times and then go without a bra other days, because it is very difficult to get the same size. shape and look for both this way. I can’t go without a bra because I still have one breast and look really freaky. I hate the way my body looks, but I really dont think I would feel any worse. and at least I wouldn’t be uncomfortable in my bra. and I would not have to worry about the neckline of my tops, people may not understand my thought,,but as we say, Unless you have been through it you can’t understand it. good luck on whatever desicision you make and hope it all turns out well. God Bless you my Pink Strong Sister

  4. It sounds like we are going through something similar. I have an appointment with another plastic surgeon on Nov. 21st, hoping he can “fix” my smashed-globs-of-stuffed-sausage-looking implants that are more under my armpits than on my chest.

    I too have thought about just taking out the implants and buying the implant things to stick into a bra, but, I also think I would be told how sunken in my chest would be – it wouldn’t be just flat, it would be concave.

    Keep us updated, ok? I visited a few times and wondered how you were doing and what happened to you. 😀

    • What did your doctor say at the appointment? I like how you described them…smashed globs of stuffed sausage. I actually laughed because of how accurate that description is! I have my surgery on Wed. December 10th.

      • OH!! I am so happy for you!!

        My doctor, the miracle man, had to reschedule the appointment until sometime in January, but I might have to reschedule it again if my health insurance (healthcare.gov) doesn’t kick in soon. Gheez!

        I sure hope you will be overwhelmingly happy with your outcome. I will keep you in my prayers!

        Good luck again and I’ll be back to see how you’re doing! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

      • I hope that everything works out for you to have your surgery. I have heard stories about the government healthcare. That has to be stressful to have to worry about that on top of health issues.

        I will try to post soon after surgery to let everyone know how I am doing..and hopefully to say that the surgery was a huge success!!!

        I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Debbie, You have been such a light for me to find my way through all of this breast cancer stuff and I can’t thank you enough. You are one strong woman and you give inspiration and love out like it was candy. 🙂 If you need ANYTHING, just ask, my family and I are here for you whenever you should need us.

    • Flo, Thank you for your kind comments. After going through this myself, I try to reach out to other ladies who are going through it now because I know first hand how scary it is. I am glad that that I have been a help for you and Dave. You are a very sweet lady! I hope that you are recovering from your surgery.

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