Feeling great!

I believe that this may be one of the best updates that I have posted in quite some time!  I had an appointment with Dr. R, the pain management specialist, and he recommended intercostal nerve block injections.  EIGHT of them.  Three sessions in the month of July.  I honestly did not have much faith in them working for me as everything else has failed to give me pain relief.

I had my first session on July 9th (Wednesday)  at the surgical center.  It was very painful and I thought to myself “I cannot do this two more times!”  The following day was torture.  I could not hardly move.  I went back to work the following day but had to use an ice pack and tried not to move much.  By Friday night I was feeling better than I had in a long time.  On Saturday Nick and I went to the Louisville Zoo and I was able to walk around the entire zoo without having to stop and sit down.  I even carried a back pack purse on my back with water bottles in it for us. 

Even though I was dreading it, I did go back the following Wednesday (July 16th) for the second series of injections.  This time it went much better!  I experienced no where near the pain of last treatment..and the following day was great.  In the past two weeks since I started these injections I have felt better than I have in probably the last 2 years. 

I don’t know how to explain it.  It is like these injections have given me my life back.  I was in pain all the time.  I could not sleep through the night due to the pain.  Waking up multiple times a night leaves you tired.  I was sad that my pain level left me irritable and unable to do many things that I enjoyed.  I has to continuously ask for help with the smallest things around the house. 

Life after the injections has turned around!  I have done so much and have felt so wonderful!  I have actually been able to stand at the kitchen sink and wash dishes without crying.  I have been able to carry a basket of laundry without asking for help.  I cleaned the entire playroom and cleared out the closet, and cleaned/organized the basement this past week.  And I was able to do it pain free and I did not have to ask for help! The best thing is that I am sleeping through the night!  this is huge for me because I cannot tell you when the last time I had been able to do this.  And by getting a good nights rest, I am up early and ready to tackle my day and have not required a nap in order to make it through. 

Nick has never made me feel bad for needing so much help, but requiring so much from him and the kids was starting to wear on me and I hated it.  I wish I had been referred for these injections months ago.  They have helped to give me my life back!

Chronic pain takes a toll on your body and I didn’t even realize how bad it is was affecting my quality of life until now.  The difference is amazing!  Dr. R says that this treatment should continue to give me relief for 6 months to a year..maybe more.  He is very pleased with the outcome so far.  I go in tomorrow for the final 8 injections and I am actually excited to do it and get it over with!!!!  The only discouraging part of this is that the nerve damage is permanent, so when the injections stop working I will have to go through this again, but it is worth it!

Thank you Dr. R!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Feeling great!

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like something I may need to talk with my doctor about for my neck and back troubles – herniated discs, severe degenerative arthritis and some kind of scoliosis in my L4,5 and S1 areas. So happy for you!!! 😀

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