1 year anniversary and test anxiety

It has been a while since I have written here…but I thought since tomorrow (Feb. 14th) will be my one year anniversary of being “cancer free” or as the doctor puts it NED (no evidence of disease) that I should update my blog. 

I went to Brown Cancer Center in Louisville on Tuesday for my 4 month follow up with Dr. Riley.  We went over the side effects that I have been having since my last surgery (to have my ovaries removed) and since starting the new medication Arimidex. 

Dr. Riley also looked at my shoulders because of the pain that I am experiencing.  I was going for Physical Therapy to help with my range of motion in my arms related to the bilateral mastectomy.  After Dr. Riley examined me she told me that she is afraid that I am getting a “frozen shoulder” also known as adhesive capsulitis.  It is due to scar tissue build up from  my surgery.  I have had a lot of issues due to the way my body over produces scar tissue.  It is apparently an autoimmune response.  I have large amounts forming around both reconstructed breasts, up under my arms, and on the left side where I have the most pain, scar tissue that has actually gone up from the breast to the collarbone area.  This is the side that is affecting my shoulder.  It has caused my arm to be weak and the pain is pretty severe at times.  I sometimes have to have my husband help me to get my shirts on and off and also help with my coat.  Dr. Riley is referring me back to Physical Therapy and has also made an appointment for me to see Dr. Nelson at Frazier Rehab in Louisville,  She is a medical doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for cancer patients.  She is going to evaluate me next week and I was told that she may order an MRI of my shoulders.  She will also work with my PT here at home to set up the best therapy plan for me. 

In addition to the appointment at Frazier Rehab, I will also be going for a whole body bone scan that same day at University of Louisville Hospital.  Dr. Riley has ordered this due to the pain that I am experiencing in my back and rib area.  She wants to make sure that there is no metastasis to the bones.  This has given me some “test anxiety”.  I am a nervous wreck over this and I know that I will be until I get the results of the bone scan.  

Over all I am celebrating this amazing anniversary.  I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who have been here to support me every step of the way.  I am cherishing each and every day that I have with them.  

This has been a journey that I never imagined that I would take. 





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