Surgery is over and I am back home

Yesterday I had surgery to remove my ovaries in order to help keep the breast cancer from returning.  Surgery went well except that I had a bit of trouble with bleeding.  After being in recovery for about 5 hours I was finally moved to a bed in oncology ICU where I was kept until this afternoon.

I had a long night.  For some reason I kept bleeding from my incisions.  Then my blood pressure dropped, heart rate went up, and I started running a temperature.  My surgeon contacted a cardiologist and they ran some tests on my heart, which all came back negative. Everything started going back to normal this afternoon so I was finally discharged.

I am happy to be back home in my own home tonight where I have my husband taking care of me.


4 thoughts on “Surgery is over and I am back home

  1. Just rest! Don’t do any work around the house. My co-worker was in surgery a couple of weeks ago for removing her tumor, it turned out to be cancerous. At least, she’s fine but fighting a couple of minor infections, because she was working around the house. She’s very stubborn. I hope you take it easy, and I hope your health improve a lot. Take a lot of vitamins and supplements, fruits and veggies to keep your immune system strong.

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