Save the Rack!

Tomorrow is October 1st…the first day of October..or Pinktober.  Breast cancer awareness month.  The stores are already filling up with everything pink.  I suppose this can be considered a good thing… prompts people to purchase pink items in the support of breast cancer research.   But I really have to wonder how much is actually donated.

I have another issue with Pinktober.  The t-shirts that say things like:

Save a Rack

Save Second Base

I’m a breast man

Save the Hooters

After going through a bilateral mastectomy and 5 months of chemotherapy, I do not exactly see these sayings as supportive.  I fought and won.  I lost my breasts, but I am alive.  Where are the t-shirts that say something about a life saved rather than something insinuating that I have lost a vital part of my body and am now not “whole”?

Breast cancer awareness is important.  But do we really have to sexualize everything in order to bring awareness?


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