We traveled to Eastern Pennsylvania on Saturday to visit my husband’s family.  I started out by working on Friday and it was kind of a crazy busy day that wore me out.  I went home and we got the van loaded up and ready to go.  We headed out at 4:30am on Saturday and after traveling across Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland, we arrived at our destination in Pennsylvania around 3:30 that afternoon.

Sunday was spend helping Nick’s cousin Christine prepare for a cookout.  A lot of Nick’s family came over to visit.  We were able to visit with Nick’s parents, his brother Tony and his wife Danielle and their two children, Nick’s cousin Mike and his wife Nicole and their two children, his cousin Joe and wife Becky and three of their four children, cousin Tommy and his friend Allison, Aunt Julie and Uncle Regnald, Uncle Oscar, Aunt Mary Alice, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Bridgette.  It was a great day filled with conversation and lots of good food. 

Monday was another fun-filled day.  We were quite busy and ended the day with dinner at Aunt Julie and Uncle Regnald’s house.  It was a wonderful dinner and we did not get back to Christine’s house 10:00 pm!

After working all day Friday, traveling on Saturday, party on Sunday, and a busy Monday, I have not felt the best today.  I have over done it a bit.  Not getting a nap for so many days and being so active caught up with me.  Today has been a relaxing day of me trying to catch my breath and get some energy back.

Beckie and I are having a sleep over girls night at my friend Claire’s house tonight.  Her daughter Hope and my daughter Beckie are also friends so we are planning on pizza, popcorn, and movies.  I am excited!!

Lots more plans for the rest of the week…will update later!




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