Just a fun happy post

I have not had much to blog about lately and suddenly thought that I actually do have lots to blog about!!!  I am so thankful that things are starting to look up for me.  I am physically feeling better and am slowly doing a little more each day.  I do not feel quite so run down now.  My energy and strength are returning and I am able to do more things for myslef that I used to do.  I actually helped the family do yard work and was able to hand in there and do it…I sure felt sore the next day tho!  haha  But I enjoyed being outside working with my husband and children on making our yard look nice.  I am working more hours at work which makes me happy because I am starting to contribute to the household money account again.  That makes me feel good about myself.

My hair is coming back….and it is the same color and of course…curly!  I didn’t expect anything other than curly.  Could you honestly imagine me with straight hair?  Now my big decision is do I keep it short or let it grow back out long?  My hair has been long for so long now that it has felt strange to have no hair at all and now for it to be so short.  But at the same time, this short hair is so easy to care for and saves me so much time in the morning when I am getting ready for work.  So….what to do…what to do???

My toes have healed wonderfully.  I had to go on a 4th round of antibiotics after getting yet another infection in them last week.  But it appears that this final dose has done the trick.  I was really starting to worry because my toes would not heal and I have been on more antibiotics in the last few months than I have been on in the last 10 years or more.  That makes me nervous because I don’t like to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.  I prefer to let my body take care of the illness if possible.  But the doctor explained to me that even though I finished chemo in Feb. that my immune system is still somewhat compromised by the chemo and that is why I am so slow at healing.  But thankfully the toes are looking great and have absolutely no signs of infection in them anymore.  I can actually wear regular shoes again for the first time in about 2 months!!!

I am feeling so much better physically and mentally.  This has been a hard year on all of us, but I feel like me and the family are getting back on track for a normal life again that does not revolve around doctors and hospitals.  What a relief.

So, since I have had nothing medically to blog about, I thought I would take the time to blog about all of the things that are looking up in my life.  My health is slowly improving, I am doing so much better mentally, my family is doing so much better mentally also.  We are all thankful to be putting this past year of cancer treatments behind us and moving on.

We are going to Pennsylvania next weekend to visit family and friends up there.  i am looking forward to seeing my cousin Christine and her husband Tim and daughter Morgan, and my friends Claire and Annette.  We are planning on having a great time!!

Only happy, fun things to report!!!  I hope that this blog can continue on this note!!


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