Happy Happy Happy! With a bit of funny

Nick and I went to Brown Cancer Center today for an appointment with Dr. Riley and an ultra sound of my “lump”  I am very HAPPY to announce that the lump is an area of scar tissue that is forming around the edge of my implant that goes up under my arm.  Dr. Riley was so sweet.  She agreed that I was right to call them when I felt something that was not right.  She got me in for an ultrasound immediately after seeing her.  When we got down stairs I found out that the Radiologist was going to do my ultrasound herself.  After a thorough exam she had me turn over so I could see the screen and she showed me where the edge of the implant went back under my arm and how I had an area of scar tissue that was forming around the edge.  What a relief!!! The Radiologist was also very sweet and took her time to explain things to me.  I would say her name here, but not only can I not spell it I can’t even pronounce it!!  I was so thankful that Dr. Riley took care of everything for me today and that I got the results immediately.  They are such a great facility up there!

Now for the funny, yet not NOT funny part.  (Mary Jane I can still here you laughing when I told you about this!!!)  As you know, I had my two big toenails removed due to the damage from my chemotherapy.  The nail beds are still VERY sore and oozy (gross, I know!).  I was sitting on a loveseat with Nick and there was a coffee table in front of us.  I lifted my foot up to cross my legs (wearing sandals) and caught my big toe under the edge of the table.  It split my nail bed right open and I was bleeding.  It hurt SO BAD!  I couldn’t even answer Nick to tell him what was wrong.  It hurt so bad that I actually started to cry.  I was sitting there with my hands over my face crying. Well, the waiting room for my appointment to see Dr. Riley shared a waiting room with the patients waiting for chemo.  Another patient came over and rubbed my arm and started telling me how it was going to be OK…that chemo isn’t all that bad and that I can do this…she was really on a roll encouraging me.  I was finally able to get out the fact that I was not there for chemo..I had already finished it.  I had just hurt my toe.  She just looked at me.  haha  You have no idea how bad this hurt.  I was sitting there with my toe bleeding and throbbing when my name was called to go back.  Karen, the nurse, asked me the standard first question “What is your level of pain on a scale of 0 to 10?” I answered “15”  She said Oh my goodness…do you have any pain medication?????  I told her I would be fine as soon as my toe stopped throbbing.  Karen ended up not only taking my vitals (DOWN ANOTHER 2 POUNDS!) but she also had to bandage my bleeding toe.  I go to the doctor for my breast and end up needing my toe treated.  Dr. Riley comes in and wants to know what is going on….I told her what happened in the waiting room including the other patient comforting me.  She was laughing so hard I thought she could have fallen off of her stool.  She said that the next time they had better not leave me in the waiting room for so long. 

My friend Mary Jane called to check on me and I was retelling the story to her and we were both laughing so hard.  It was NOT funny at the time, but looking back and seeing the look on that lady’s face when I said that it was my toe was priceless. 

So..Nick and I have had an exciting day.  I could have totally did without the toe trauma though.  I am so very happy and thankful that my “lump” turned out to be nothing of concern.  Thank you so much to everyone who has texted, facebooked, and called me today to check on me. 


5 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy! With a bit of funny

  1. Thank you for the update! I had been thinking and worrying about you all day but I knew you would “fill us in” when you were ready. Sorry about the hurting toe but so very grateful that you found humor in the situation and equally grateful that you are still surviving! Love you ❤

  2. I was trying to tell David about your story, but I was crying and laughing so hard he couldn’t understand me! So, after a few minutes I told him the story and he said,”that’s funny?” I said… Yes, hearing Debbie telling it made it hilarious…. Seriously, I was crying!
    But I do want to say that I am VERY happy for your good news!

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