The fear of recurrence

The fear of a recurrence of breast cancer is something that every person who has had breast cancer worries about.  Two weeks and two days ago I noticed an area under my right arm (same side as the cancer).  It is low in the arm pit area and I first noticed it because my bra seems to irritate the area.  When rubbing the spot after removing my bra I noticed that there was something that didn’t feel right.  Dr. Riley, my oncologist, had showed me how to exam the lymph node areas and chest wall.  I am supposed to do this weekly so I can stay on top of any changes.  The area that has me worried just seemed to be there one day. 

I am hoping that it is just scar tissue or something else that will end up being nothing to worry about.  BUT…after going through breast cancer and knowing that there is always a chance of it coming back, feeling something that doesn’t feel right automatically sends fear racing through you. 

I keep telling myself that it is not cancer.  I have told myself that many times over the last two weeks.  Trying to stay positive!  I just told my mom and sisters last night.  They were upset with me for not telling them sooner. 

I will find out tomorrow what Dr. Riley wants to do. 



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