Feeling so much better!!

Finally…things are looking up!  My toes are finally healing and I am wearing shoes again.  I started back to the gym today and that was fun!  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and the 30 minute cardio circuit.  I also attempted the ab circuit, but it pulled my chest muscles to much and they started to spasm so I only did a little bit.  I will have to ease into it slowly.  The strangest feeling when I do exercises that use my arms is that the muscles in my chest flex around the implants and it feels so strange.  The muscle actually moves the implant up.  It is funny to watch! It reminds me of the big muscle weight lifting guys who flex their chest muscles.  LOL

I am so excited and happy to be feeling well.  My incisions are healed up nicely, the port is GONE, and my toes are not hurting now.  Celebration time!  The only lingering side effect is that I still get tired so easily.  But if that is all that I have to deal with then I still say that it is celebration time!!! 




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