Guest post from my mom

The following is a guest post from my mom.

When I found out that Debbie had to have a biopsy, I really thought it would turn out to be fine..not cancerous.  I had a bad feeling from the start, but was trying to stay positive.  I went with Debbie and Nick on the day of the biopsy and I knew that day when we left that it was cancer even though I did not want to own up to it.  I still tried to stay positive.  But I knew.  When we found out for sure that it was cancer it turned out to be one of those days were you want to know “WHY?”.  Debbie is one of the people who puts everyone in front of herself.  She does for everyone else.  Why is this happening to her?  It was the worse day of my life.  You never think that you are going to see your child go through something like this.  I just wanted to be able to give her a hug and a kiss like when she was a little girl and make things be all better…but this time that wouldn’t help.  I told my sister-in-law Rosemary as soon as I knew that if there was any way possible for me to go through it instead of my daughter I would trade places with her in an instant.  It is hard to explain.  This is the hardest thing for a mother to do…to watch her child go through something like a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  It breaks your heart.

The day of the mastectomy surgery was a long and scary day.  We were so happy when Dr. McMaster’s came out and said that he was able to get the whole cancerous tumor.  Nick and I cried when we heard the news.  Dr. McMaster’s said that even though he had gotten the whole tumor that she was still going to have to have chemotherapy and I was upset at hearing this because I watched my daddy go through chemo and it is very hard.  But Debbie handled the news and the treatment so much better than most.  She handled it really well.  I knew that the treatment was going to very hard on her and I just wanted it to be over and have her be healthy once again.  I just tried to be really strong and to be there for her for whatever she needed.  I worried every day about her and said a prayer every day.  I tried to not cry and be upset in front of her even though I did cry in private.  I wanted to be strong for her.

I am so happy and relived that this is over for her.  It makes my world complete to be able to say that she is is OK and she is here with me and her family.  I just want all of the other things going on with her now to end like the pain in her toes and let her move on and live her life to the fullest again.  This is something that no mother should ever have to watch their child go through no matter how old their child is.

I am thankful that the hardest part is over and I am here for her everyday still and look forward to many more days ahead of us that will  be focused on fun and happy memories and putting this bad part behind us.

Now my youngest daughter, Amanda, and my grand daughter Beckie, will have to be monitored starting at age 27.  Amanda started early this year with her first mammogram and breast MRI.  She was told that she needed to come back for more imaging in 6 months and we are anxiously awaiting those results to make sure that everything is OK.  There is one area that they are monitoring but have assured us that it appears to just be dense tissue but because of Debbie’s history they are not going to take a chance on that.


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