I started back to work today

I started back to work today, only to have to leave early.  Sigh….

As you know, I had my two large toenails removed on Thursday (A week ago tomorrow).  I was started on an antibiotic (Keflex) that made me sick and had me throwing up so they had to switch my medication to Cleocin which I started Friday night.  I was also instructed to soak my feet twice daily in warm water with epsom salt, and had to apply Silvadene cream, which treats infections, directly to the nail beds.

Well…this morning when I went to change my bandages I noticed some greenish discharge from my right toe and it was throbbing.  I put on the clean bandages, my socks, and shoes.  Ouch!  I had been wearing nothing but sandles.  While at work, close to lunch time, my toe was hurting even worse so I slipped my shoe off and found that I had discharge that had soaked through the bandage in through my sock.  I had to go in the back and change my dressing and found that it was even more green.  At this point I started to cry.  Not from pain, but from frustration.  My co-worker, April, came back and gave me a hug and a pep talk.  I called the doctors office where the toe nails were removed and explained what was going on.  I was told that I needed to be seen today rather than waiting until my follow up next week.

Well…by the time I got there at 3 this afternoon and they unwrapped my toes, the skin around the nail bed was starting to turn red on BOTH toes and now the left had started with a green discharge.

The doctor cleaned both toes (OUCH…he was not very gentle!) and but betadine solution over them along with antibiotic ointment and re-bandaged my toes.

Bad news..both are getting infected.  The right is worse than the left.  The right has been more of a pain since the beginning. I was started on yet another antibiotic. This time Cipro.  I have to take it in addition to the one I am currently on.  So two antibiotic pills twice a day.  I also had to get Betadine solution to put on them.  Also no closed toe shoes for several more days.  That makes it hard when you work in a doctors office.

I am trying so hard to stay positive, but days like this really get me down.  Why is everything so hard?  The doctor believes that my immune system may not be fully recovered yet and that may be contributing to infection.  For once I would love to be able to say that I am not having any side effects of something.  Just once!

Please, please, please let my toes heal.  Please.

on a lighter note I joked with our office manager that my doctor visit co-pay, betadine solution, bandages, and antibiotics cost more than I made working today.  I may need to get a second job at McDonald’s at night in order to pay off all of these stinkin medical bills.  I was just joking…about the second job.  Today really did cost more than I made today.


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