Fantabulous Saturday

Today has been a good day.  Beckie and I went out for breakfast this morning and had a very nice time.  This afternoon Domenic went to the movies with two of his friends.  We picked up his friend Georgia on the way to the theater and his friend Jordon met them there.  This was our first time meeting his friend Georgia.  She was a very sweet girl and very intelligent.  Nick and I could see right away why her and Domenic are friends.  The conversations coming from the back seat were very “nerdy”.  No offense Domenic and Georgia!!  I thought she was adorable!

I am now sitting in my living room with my little sister watching the movie “The Help”.  What a perfect ending to a great day.

On another note, I may have mentioned that my mom bought me a juicer since I have been trying to eat healthier.  I have tried some simple juices and they have turned out well.  I saw on Instagram the other day that Nick’s brother and his wife have been “juicing” also but at a much higher level than I have been.  Tony was nice enough to forward the website with recipes and grocery list for some of the juices that they have tried.  I am going to print them and try them out over the next few days.  I am now down 37 pounds since August.  This was not due to being sick from chemo.  It is the result of hard work and diet changes.  Typically people on chemotherapy for breast cancer gain weight because of the large amount of steroids that you must take to help with the side effects/reactions to the chemo.  My weight loss is from going to the gym, exercising at home, and changing my diet in a big way.  I am excited and looking forward to more weight loss and a healthier future.

I am hoping to be back in the gym by the end of the week.  The only thing keeping me from there right now is the fact that I can’t wear my shoes.

The following are some websites about nutrition and preventing cancer recurrence:


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