Plastic Surgery Follow up

I had my appointment with Dr. Little today for him to look at the new “foobs”.  He said that they looked great.  I am happy to report that the swelling is going down, they are both the same size, and they are even (not lop-sided).  He said that I need to massage them several times a day in order to help prevent scar tissue from building up around the implants.  If a lot of scar tissue forms it will disfigure the implants and then you have to have additional surgery.  I do not want that!!  So I will be massaging…Dr. Little says not to do it while sitting at a red light though.  HAHA  He is always joking around. 

On a not so good note….I started my antibiotic (Keflex) yesterday afternoon for my toes.  It made me sick.  I threw up on and off all night, while we were in Louisville for my appointment with Dr. Little, and on the way home.  I had to call Dr. Khader and he said to stop taking the antibiotic and he prescribed me a new one.  At least the foobs are healed and it didn’t hurt to throw up!  Gotta look on the bright side!  haha 

Nick went to the pharmacy and picked up the cream for my toes and the new antibiotic.  I am so dreading the bandage change that I have to do tonight.  I sure hope Nick feels up to helping me with it!!  Don’t worry…I will not scare you with pictures!!

Also….please keep my friend Maura in your prayers/thoughts (whatever you are comfortable with).  She has had an awful week dealing with kidney stones.  Actually…I do believe it is now more than a week! 



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