Recovery is finally going better

After a rough start last week following surgery, I am happy to report that by Saturday I was feeling much better.  I have not had to take any narcotic pain medication since Thursday.  I switched to Advil on Thursday afternoon and by Sunday I no longer even needed the Advil.  I am moving around and doing my normal every day things with minimal pain/discomfort. 

On another note…Nick took me to Louisville bra shopping on Saturday.  I had asked to be a “C” cup since this is what I was pre-mastectomy.  Well…I sure hope that I still have a lot of swelling!!!  They measured me and as of right now I am a “DD” read that right…a DOUBLE D!  And no…I am not posting pictures.  🙂  I went to buy a new bra because the weight of the highly cohesive silicone implants are a bit heavy.  I can feel the pull.  Wearing a bra that supports them makes me feel much more comfortable.  And like I said before…I hope that I have a lot of swelling and that I “go down” a bit.

My bandaging over the incision where my port was removed came of yesterday.  I am supposed to leave all of the bandages on until they fall off on their own.  In port incision looks to be healing very nicely.  There is some bruising around the site, but it isn’t bad.  The incisions on my breasts are still covered and the left side hurts more than the right side.  I am not sure if this is because of the additional scar tissue that this side developed and because the doctor had to make a longer incision than anticipated.  The left incision is about 5 inches long and the right side incision is only 4 inches long. 

I am thankful to not have muscle spasms after this surgery.  Those muscle spasms were terrible.  It is such a huge relief to have the tissue expanders out.  They were so hard and painful all of the time.  I now understand what my fellow breast cancer sisters were talking about when they said that I would feel a huge relief when the expanders were removed and the softer implants were placed. 

On a good note…I start back to work (yes..again!) next week.  I am excited.  I am also thankful that I still have a job at a place that I love after being out of work on and off for so many months during this journey. 


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