Septmeber 23, 2012


I know that I have mentioned many times now how much I appreciate all of the help that we have received.  I am very humbled by the amount of support that has been coming our way.  So many people have sent beautiful cards, and some (Annette) has sent several to help keep my spirits up. Positive text messages from Christine are a huge help to me throughout the day.  Not only is she helping to keep my spirits up, but she is also being a huge support to her cousin, and my husband, Nick.  In addition to everything else that she has done, she appears to be texting our daughter, Beckie, on a regular basis also to check up on her and to just keep in contact.  Beckie really bonded with Christine during her two week stay and now Beckie keeps asking me if she can go up to PA to spend a week or two or the whole summer with Christine and her daughter, Morgan.  So, it looks like we will be making arrangements for that to happen as long as Christine is still good with it.

Another thing that has surprised me is how many people in our community…people that I don’t even know, are rallying around my family and participating in and donating items for a fundraiser sale to help with our growing medical expenses.  There has been such overwhelming support that I cry every time I hear of someone else joining in to help us out.  Nick and I have talked about this, and we have decided that once I am over all of this “C” word stuff, that we will pay it forward and will be there to help support another person in our community who is going through the same stuff that we are right now.

My mom has been taking such good care of me when Nick is not able to be here.  He does, after all, work.  I am like his second job right now.  Or at least that is how I feel.  He is not going to like it when he sees that I wrote that.  I know exactly how much he loves me.  He shows me in many ways each and every day and even more so now.  My mom is stepping up to be in a caregiver roll now too.  She will be helping to take me to appointments when Nick is not able to make it.  She is also helping with the ironing pile that I have of Nick’s work clothes.

I am going to end this post on one final note: You only have ONE family.  Don’t let stupid pettiness get in the way.  Love your family and keep them close because you never know when something could happen and you will lose your chance at a second chance.  Hold your family close and love them despite their faults, and despite any differing options that you may have.  And if some family is unable to do that, hold tight to those friends that are there through thick and thin.  Those are the friends who become your family by choice.


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