Septmeber 14, 2012


For those of you who have had children, you know that you have to lose your embarrassment of people seeing you “down there”.  Between doctors, nurses, and in my case, a room full of student nurses also, it soon became second nature to just say “OK…go ahead and look.”

Well….having breast cancer is the same way!  Beginning with the visit to the family physician who takes a look, and then to mammography where two different mammo techs not only look put touch, the ultra sound tech, radiologist…you get the picture.  Well it gets worse!  At my first visit with Dr. McMaster’s he had to take a look and feel (all completely professional…I know how some of my friends think!) He then asks Dr. Little to come in.  So once again another doctor needs to do his exam while a nurse looks and my husband is sitting there awkwardly looking around the room.  All in all still not so bad.

WELLLLLL….  once I entered the hospital for surgery I had at least 10 or more doctors and nurses come in to look.  And at most of these points I had family members present.  After surgery it only got worse.  I would not be surprised to hear that 50 people or more looked at my breasts!  There is no modesty here.  But you quickly realize that you can’t be embarrassed…just let them all get a good look.

If you thought that was the end…you were wrong.  Now that I am at home it has only gotten worse.  I have to have help to go to the bathroom.  I have to help to shower.  I basically have to help with everything.  At one point my husband was in the shower with me helping with my first post-op shower and his cousin Christine was at the end with the shower curtain open helping also.  Christine said “Wait til people back home hear that I was showering with my male cousin and his wife!”  LOL  I commented…well, we are in Kentucky.  It’s OK to keep it in the family.  :-)   Now is the point where I add that Nick was wearing swim trunks and Christine was fully clothed. My mom has even joined in on all of the madness and at one point my sister, Monica, was even watching everything going on.



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