September 9, 2012


This is Beckie, writing this blog for my mom.

The day of surgery has been here and gone. Thursday morning we all headed to Louisville to the hospital. Once I got there, around 7 AM,  the anxiety started to sneak up on me. Everyone did a good job of keeping my spirits up and my mind off of the upcoming surgery that was about to be done. At about 8 AM Dr. McMasters came in and injected the blue radioactive dye that would show the surgeon where the sentinel lymph nodes were for biopsy. This was the part I was afraid of which seems silly considering everything else that was about to be done. He did not numb this! And it burned like heck! They numb your skin before they put the IV in though, which isn’t fair!

I had a lot of family and friends up there showing their support including: Nick, Beck, Dom, cousin Christine, my mother, Donnie, Amanda, Monica, Juanita and Claudia. Once I went back to pre-op, everybody took turns coming back to sit with me. Only 3 people could come back at a time. Eventually I got my “happy juice” and no longer cared what was about to be done in just a few minutes. After they gave me this medicine I don’t really remember much, and I don’t remember Beck freaking out right before they went to take me back for surgery. I guess this is a good thing!

According to my family, my surgery took just about 6 hours. Dr. McMasters came out to talk to Nick and my mom after his portion of the surgery was complete. He told them that the lymph nodes were clear and that he believed they had clear margins on the tumor. Even though both of these were great news, based on the size of the tumor I still have to have chemo. Nick has to call on Monday (September 10th, 2012) to set up an appointment with Dr. McMasters to discuss my chemo schedule and my pathology report. He also has to schedule for me to go see Dr. Little to have my drains looked at, and hopefully removed.

My recovery is moving along at a quick pace. However, I am still in quite a bit of pain and am exhausted at times. I’ve been sitting in our living room recliner relaxing and sleeping since yesterday! I appreciate everyone’s love and concern, and I will let everyone know when I feel more up to letting visitors stop by to see me.

Once again, thank all of you for all of your prayers, card, and flowers. I love all of you and hope to see you all soon.


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