September 5, 2012


I am counting down the days until my surgery.  Since it is now midnight on Wednesday, that means that  tomorrow is officially the day.  I have been trying to get the house clean.  I have organized the pantry, and just about every other shelf, closet, and drawer in the house this past week.  My family probably won’t be able to find anything for weeks!  haha  Hopefully I can remember where I put everything so I can tell them.  I wonder if I should have taken notes???

I have my bag packed and ready to go.  I will be honest here..I really had no idea what I was supposed to pack. I packed several pairs of jammies (even though I’m not sure I will even put them on), my nice warm, fuzzy, slipper socks, and an outfit to wear home.  I still have to get Nick’s bag ready to go.  He is going to stay over night with me at the hospital for at least the first night. How sweet is that???

I was at the pharmacy today picking up medicine for Domenic.  He is sick.  His allergies are acting up and his asthma was flaring this weekend.  While walking towards the medicine aisle, I passed the row of Halloween candy.  This got me thinking…should I take a bowl of candy to leave in my room while I’m in the hospital?  If I have a goodie bowl of chocolate sitting on the table will the nurses be extra nice to me and not forget to bring me my pain medicine?  Would this be considered a bribe?  If is, I am all for bribing them!  I will have to think about this….

A health nurse from our insurance called today and I was on the phone with her for almost an hour.  She was very helpful and provided me with a ton of information.  I found out that the surgeon’s office put in a request for me to be in the hospital for 3-5 days.  The nurse let me know that three days have been approved and the other two days are approved if needed.  She said that my surgeon hopes to discharge me on Sunday as long as everything is going well.

Pam (the health nurse) also told me about several services available to me and my family as we go through this “C word”.  I won’t go into everything that we discussed because it was a bit depressing and made me cry.  But I have to say that Pam was a very sweet lady!

My husband’s cousin, Christine, is flying down here from Pennsylvania tomorrow.  She is going to stay here for two weeks to help me and the the rest of the family.  Every time I think about the fact that she is leaving her husband, daughter, and her own home to come here for two weeks to help makes me teary eyed.  I have talked to Chris several times throughout the last few weeks, and we have exchanged many texts and her support and kindness has been unbelievable.  She has heard me cry, laugh, and do a combination of both all in one conversation and she has been so supportive.  It means more to me than she will ever know.  I can’t wait to see her tomorrow (actually today)!

I need to try and get some sleep now.  Nights are hard for me.  During the day I can stay busy which helps to keep my mind off of things.  However, when night time rolls around and everyone goes to sleep, the house is quiet, and my mind starts to race.  Night time is not my friend right now.  I am ready to get this surgery over with and find out what the next step in this journey will be.


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