September 28, 2012


We had my hair cutting party today.  My friend, Sharon, shaved my head, but instead of going right to it, we had some fun in the process.  Here is a picture of me first with all of my hair at the beginning:


Me with a Mohawk with Domenic  :)


Me with my baby sister, Amanda:


The final product….I wasn’t ready to have a picture of full baldness, so I am wearing a cap.  But trust me…I did not keep the Mohawk.  that was for my son’s entertainment  :)


I was afraid that I was going to cry…but hey…it’s just hair, right?  It will grow back.  My main fear was that when it started falling out on it’s own from the chemo that I would completely stop up the shower drain (I kinda do that already!!) and then I was scared that the vacuum cleaner may explode.  And I like this vacuum!  So I chose to just go ahead and be done with it.


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