September 24, 2012


I have been sitting in the recliner pretty much all day due to the horrible muscle spasms from having a double expansion fill on Tuesday.  I have had Valium (to help relax the muscles) several times this weekend, but more than anything it just seems to make me feel drowsy.  I will probably start to feel better just in time to get the next expansion on Tuesday.

Tomorrow morning is another big day. I get the port inserted tomorrow.  Dr. McMaster’s schedule was completely full, so one of his colleagues will be placing the port.  His name is Dr. Morris, and he is a vascular surgeon.  They told me over the phone that they have me scheduled to have the port placed under general anesthesia, but told me that if I didn’t want to be fully under for the procedure that I can talk to the doctor about doing it under a twilight sedation.  So..until tomorrow morning I will know know what exactly will be done.

Nick is going to take some time off work and combine that with some work-from-home days the week of my first chemo treatment.  I have to get a bag packed with some stuff to do to keep myself occupied while getting my chemo treatment.  I think it may be a good time to try working on my needle point that I have been wanting to work on for Christmas presents.

Oh..and before I forget.  We are having a hair cutting party on Friday.  I feel like I have such little to no control over so much that is happening to me right now.  After reading in several of my cancer books, it has been recommended that some people go ahead and shave their head a few days before starting chemo so that they don’t have to worry about shedding everywhere.  With the amount of hair that I have…I will have the bathtub drains clogged and the vacuum will probably blow up!  LOL  So, I am going to take control of this one aspect and shave my head.  My friend, Sharon, is going to do it in her beauty salon on Friday.  Nick and the kids and possibly my mom are going to be there with me for the big moment.


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