September 23, 2012


As previously mentioned, I went to see my reconstruction surgeon on Tuesday and they did my first expansion fill.  They added 60cc’sof saline.  Here is an exert from a breast reconstruction web site that my doctor had directed me to:


Most expanders have a fill port that is built into the front of the device. This port is accessed with a needle through the skin. Expansion takes about one minute, and the amount of fluid that is placed is limited by the tightness of the patient’s skin. A typical volume for each expansion procedure is 50 cc’s of saline (an equivalent of 10 teaspoons). Most patients do not have significant discomfort or pain after expansion. Discomfort can generally be managed with Tylenol, and the tightness should subside within 24 hours.

Now…after reading that paragraph, you can see that patient do not normally have any significant discomfort. They also normally only recieve 50cc’s!!!  Well, when I went for my second fill on Friday, they had spoken to my medical oncologist who had informed them that she wanted my chemo started right away.  He had one week to finish my expansion.  ACK!  So…they added 120cc‘s of saline to both expanders.  It felt very tight when I first left the office and then Nick and I had one more meeting to go to before heading home.  By that night I was hurting.  By the time I woke up this morning I found out why they prescribe muscle relaxers to patients who are going through this procedure.  I have been having muscle spasms all day.  They start in my chest and move up my neck, down both arms all the way to my elbows, around to my back, and down my rib cage.  When it happens it literally takes my breath away and I can’t move or speak. So thank goodness for muscle relaxers!!!  I now have this to look forward to again on Tuesday and then again on Friday of this week.  I should be feeling pretty good to start my chemo on Monday, huh???

I think I am going to try to go to bed now and try not to think about it.  Which is kind of hard because every time I move my muscles complain.  Anyway…going to bed with a heavy heart because of other things going on that are beyond my control.  I have to remind myself that I cannot fix everything for everyone.  It is just hard to think about.

Love to all of my followers and supporters!


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