September 21, 2012


Nick and I just got home from Louisville a short bit ago.  Even though we had a lot of things scheduled, it was not near as bad as this past Tuesday.  We started out by going to U of L Hospital for an echocardiogram of my heart.  I had to have this done before I can start my chemo.  Apparently there is a chance of the chemo affecting my heart, which is why they have to make sure that my heart is strong and working properly.  Nick took a picture while we were in there that I will share later.  Next we were directed to another part of the hospital for a chest x-ray.  We then headed around the block to the U of L out patient building where we met with Dr. Little’s Physician’s Assistant, Abbey, who changed my bandages and added more saline to my expanders.  Since my chemo start date is getting near, they were trying to rush this process as long as I can tolerate it.  From what I understand, they typically do an expansion fill once a week, and for some people once every other week.  This is all according to how they handle the stress of the fills.  I had my first fill on Tuesday of this week, and when we went back in today she DOUBLED it!  By the time we were heading home I felt like my chest was going to absolutely explode!!!!!  And can you believe that I go back on Tuesday for another DOUBLE?????  And then again on Friday before chemo starts on Monday. oh my…thank goodness for muscle relaxers or I may have to scream!  That will be the same as getting 4 fills in one week.  Combining these expansion fills with the 3 that they were able to do at the time of surgery, I will more than likely be finished.  After all, I do not want to look like a porn star.  Although when I was talking to my mom about this, Nick interrupted to say that I had not discussed this with him and we needed to talk…..  LOL  Sorry Nick.  It ain’t happenin’!!!!!

More to say..but time has caught up to me and I have to leave the house for a bit.  I will be back later!


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