October 9, 2012


Last night was not a good night.  I ended up having to take more anti-nausea meds because I got sick after going to my moms house.  And then the pain in my upper arms, sternum, and lower back was so bad I had a very hard time sleeping last night.  This morning I didn’t even get up out of bed when the kids were getting ready for school.  It hurt to much to move.  I finally made my way out of bed to try and shower since I had an appointment with the genetics center in Louisville this morning.   I managed to shower, but ended up feeling very weak and throwing up.  Nick took his “veto power” as he calls it and called to reschedule my genetics appointment because he didn’t feel like I was up to making the trip.  After he helped me get dressed in clean jammies, he settled me into the recliner with everything I should need within reach.


Remote.  House phone.  Cell phone.  Tissues.  My tablet.  Beckie’s Laptop.  Peppermints.  Suckers.


Then Nick headed to the kitchen to try and get some work done.  Actual work….while doing regular housework in between and taking care of me.


I was starting to feel depressed.  This is something that I have dealt with on and off all of my life.  It’s nothing new.  I have so many things to be grateful for.  I know this.  But at the same time, it is hard.  It is hard physically and mentally on me.  And I can’t even begin to imagine what this is doing to my family.  To Nick…Beckie, Domenic, my mom and sisters…

And then as I feel myself starting to cry…my husband starts cracking jokes and his goofy, loving self.  I can’t help but laugh. I don’t want to laugh..it hurts!  haha  But I can’t help it.  I love this man.  He is my best friend.  He makes my world complete.


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