October 7, 2012

DebbieNinja – 1 – Chemo – 0

My first round of chemo started off a bit rough.  First with the port site still being swollen, then adding in the heart palpitations from the first part of chemo and then rounding out the day with more reactions.  Fast forward to the following day when I had to head back to Louisville for the Neulasta injection and ended up with a shot of phenergan in my bum to boot and another anti-nausea med added to the regime.   Thankfully found out that the changes in the color of my face (going from white, to red, to varying shades of purple) where related the the steroids that I had been given.


I know that I haven’t posted in a day or two..I can’t actually remember how many days right off.  It has been a bit rough and I have had no energy to get on here really and type.  Well, I could have tried typing, but there would have been no guarantee that you could have made sense of my ramblings and spelling errors.


I have been spending most of my time alternating between the couch and the recliner.  But for the best news yet…I managed to sleep all night in my own bed with Nick for the first time since Sept. 5th.  WooHoo!  It made both of us feel so much better.


The Neulasta injection must have been working because I have been having pain in my long bones that make white blood cells.  So at least if I have to have pain, I can know that there is a good reason for it and it is helping me to get better.  Another side effect that I have had has been a coldness that seems to come right out of my bones.  Bone chilling.  Where you just can’t seem to get warm no matter what you do.  I will then alternate with hot flashes where I am kicking all of the covers off.  What a roller coaster we have been on…that is for sure.

I had a very sweet visitor the other day.  Here is where the blonde moments are coming in..I can’t remember the day!  But Jenny Schrock and her son Kamden stopped by to visit and she brought a wonderful homemade dish for the family to eat, a book for me, and set me up with a new program on my tablet for me to download books to help me pass the time. Nick cooked the pan of chicken pasta with spinach for supper tonight and it turned out to be a big hit with everyone but me.  I am still sticking with jello, toast, and noodle soup.

I also had two more visitors yesterday (I think) Virginia House and her daughter, Mary Ann stopped by and brought food also.  We had a great visit and my family has already ate the entire pan of pulled pork that she brought over!  It was apparently good stuff!

My Aunt Kay stopped over on Friday to sit with me while Nick went to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescription.  We didn’t know that my mom was at home, and as soon as mom found out that I needed more meds, she was right down here at the house too and sat with me and Aunt Kay until Nick got back home.  I am feeling very well loved.

Nick is doing a great job in the mom role.  He is trying to work from home when he can, is doing the laundry, taking care of me, cooking, washing dishes, keeping the kids in line, driving Beck back and forth to work, and making sure that they keep up with their chores also.  He even push mowed the front yard today.  He has gone out on his bike for a while now to “de-stress” and has left me in the capable hands of my two children who are babysitting me.

I think this is about all I can manage for tonight.  I am still having muscle spasms from the mastectomy, and am to weak to make it downstairs to the office where I can use the desk top computer, and sitting here in the recliner balancing Beckie’s laptop in my lap is wearing me out.  Plus, I have Miss Ladybug sleeping soundly across my legs.


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