October 5, 2012


I  knew before heading up to Louisville that I wasn’t feeling well.  When Nick and I walked onto the oncology unit, Jana, my nurse from last nigh said “Oh No”…and asked for Vickie to go get the doctor.  Even though I had a good cocktail of anti-nausea drugs in my IV before chemo and was sent home with prescriptions for 3 more to take orally at home, I have had a hard time with the nausea.  And I am freezing.  A bone freezing cold that you can’t seem to get away from.  I am also having a lot of flushing apparently from the steroids.  My face goes from white, to odd shades of red, and then wild colors of purple.  I have had a rainbow of colors going on.  LOL

Anyway….Med changes to try to help me keep food down and the nausea under control.  Any temp of 100.4 and I have to go back.  If I continue to be unable to eat and keep it down I go back.  So…no matter how nice the nurses are up there…I really prefer staying home with Nick and the kids.

Since I have had 3 meds added in the last hour or so, I am going to get going before I say something in my drug induced state and say something embarrassing.


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