October 29, 2012


Nick and I went to Louisville today for genetic counseling and decided for me to go through with testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation to see if my breast cancer is hereditary.  According to my family history, there is a good chance that my breast cancer is hereditary.  If my blood work comes back positive for the gene mutation, then they recommend that both of my kids as well as my sisters and mom be tested as well.  If I am positive, they each have a 50% chance of being positive as well.

The genetics counselor told me that even if my test results come back negative, that there is a strong family history of cancer on my mom’s side of the family which can still lead to an increased risk.  And since my Dad passed away from colon cancer at age 62, I have to have a colonoscopy once I finish my chemo.

I really hope that my children have inherited their genes from their dad since his family has a much better health history than mine!!!

I was told that it will take about two weeks for the results to come back.  At times I feel like I don’t even want to know the results, but I know that I have to find out.  If I am positive then it means that we will have to be extra watchful with Beckie and Domenic in the future.  It will also mean an increased risk for my sisters.  This is something that I don’t even want to think about right now.  The thought of me passing something like this on to either of my children breaks my heart.


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