October 23, 2012


I am feeling a bit stronger today and have taken advantage of it by baking some banana bread and making some bean soup for supper to go along with a small ham.  Nick had to help me with chopping up some of the veggies, but overall, I have managed to get several things accomplished today.  I washed a load of Beckie’s laundry and went through medical bills! Nick is trying to back off a bit.  He has been in complete over protective mode and has not been allowing me to do much of anything except rest.  I finally told him that when I have the strength, I need to be up and moving around because I feel worse when I just sit or lie around.  He is slowly adjusting to seeing me back up and moving again.  He does keep reminding me not to over do it.  I don’t know what I would do without him!

I have been trying to keep on top of the bills because it seems like we have had several duplicates.  I have been attempting to match all of the EOB’s from our insurance company up with the actual bills and I found where we actually had a credit from the one hospital.  After being told that we had to pay so much up front on the day of service, and then receiving a bill, I decided to call and ask for an itemized bill showing where the amount that we had already paid went.    When I spoke to financial services she informed me that I had a credit of almost $182 on one account, and an amount due of $125 on another account.  When I asked her to use the credited amount on the amount that I owe, she told me that she could not do that.  She would have to transfer me to the cashier.  After being transferred twice I now know that they will move the credit over to cover the amount owed and then send me a refund.  Once it can be approved.  It sure makes you wonder how long they would have held on the extra money if I had not noticed!  I wonder how long it takes to hear from them if you miss a scheduled payment???

I will be glad when we manage to get everything paid off.  Talk about stressful!


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