October 18, 2012


What a long day!  We arrived at Brown Cancer Center at 11:30 this morning and did not leave until almost 7pm.

To begin with, they drew blood from my port for lab work.  Thankfully all of my labs came back good so I was approved to go ahead with chemo today.  I then met with Dr. Riley and we discussed how I had so much nausea and vomiting with my last round.  She made a few changes to my medication.  While I was getting my chemo tonight they added a bag of regular fluids to help my body start flushing the chemicals out which will hopefully help with the n/v.  Dr. Riley also said that when I go back up for my Neulasta injection tomorrow they will first give me more IV fluids and some additional anti-nausea meds thru my port.  In addition to this, she added another medication to the med mix that I am already on.  I will be taking the steroids for an additional 2 days for a total of 5 days (twice a day), Ativan every 6 hours alternating with Zofran every 6 hours (I will be taking one of them every 3 hours around the clock to try and stay on top of the nausea) She also added compazine for break through nausea.

I lost a about 10 pounds with my first round of chemo and we don’t want that to happen with every course.  Although I like the weight loss….I don’t like how I did it!

I had a different oncology nurse to begin with today and she was very sweet.  While she was sitting there slowly pushing the AC portion of my chemo (red devil) she talked and told me about her family and asked me and Nick questions about our family and really put me at ease during this stressful time.  Jana and Vickie, my nurses from round one came over to say hello and ask how we were and Jana actually ended up taking over my care because my nurse was needed in another department.  So I was privileged to be cared for by Jana again!

Nick was a a great chemo buddy again today.  He kept me company and we were both in a good positive mood throughout the day.  We joked with one another to help the time pass quickly.

Nick will be working from home tomorrow so that he can be here with me.  I’m praying that the sick feeling is better controlled this time!


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