October 17, 2012


Things are much better that they were several days ago.  I don’t know what was going on with me that day, and I pray that I don’t have any more like that.  I was filled with so much anger and it was not healthy for any of us.


Nick went back to work this week and trusted my mom with my care.  I am happy to report that I managed to avoid getting myself in to any situations that could have required my mom calling 911.  I stayed far away from her waterbed.  I did not even look in it’s direction.  Mom and I went 3 days without mishap!


I have spent this week making phone calls and some other things that I needed to get done while I felt good.  Next week is busy.  Beckie has an appointment on Monday with an oral surgeon.  At her 6 month cleaning/checkup at the dentist last month we found out that she needs to have her wisdom teeth removed.  She has been having pain from them trying to come through, but there is not enough room.  Monday is an appointment for her to be evaluated by the oral surgeon and we will have to try to decide when we can schedule her surgery.  Hopefully we can manage to have it scheduled during a break from school so that she does not have to miss school.  In addition to that appointment, she is scheduled to take her driver’s test on Tuesday!  Wish her luck!

I have also been dealing with insurance.  Our insurance is requiring medical records from the reconstruction surgeon before they will pay for the surgery.  After receiving a bill in the mail yesterday for $9,980 for the surgery I nearly passed out.  I called the insurance co. and they informed me that they had sent a letter requesting medical records but had not received them yet.  I then called the doctors office and the medical records department told me that they have not seen a medical records release from my ins. co.  They were very nice though and said that if I could get the name of a contact person and fax number, she would fax the records to them today.  So, you guessed it.  Another call.  In the end, I was able to get everything worked out.  Now hopefully the doctor will get paid and I won’t pass out from getting bills like that in the mail again!

I am preparing for another day of chemo tomorrow.  Chemo #2.  I have had a positive attitude all day and have been getting things done around the house.  I am hoping that this round goes a little easier for me.  I will listen to Nick and will make sure that I drink a lot of water tomorrow and the next few days post chemo to help flush the chemicals from my body.  We believe that I did not drink enough last time and that may have contributed to me being sicker that what was expected.  So this time I will drink water until I am floating.

Physically I am doing much better!  I seem to be able to do a little more each day.  My chest muscles are slowly adjusting to being used again.  I still have tightness, but I have kept up with my stretching exercises and that has helped.  The expanders that I have in place are still quite painful at times according to what I am doing.  So, even though I didn’t get as much done today as I would have a few months ago, for me today was a huge success! If I can avoid being quite as sick with this round of chemo, I will know that I am on my way to recovery!!


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