October 13, 2012


As many of you know, my friend Stephanie organized a benefit yard sale/bake sale for our family today.  It turned out to be a huge success thanks to many people.  My mom worked very hard today helping with the sale, along with my sisters (Amanda and Monica), my Aunt Rosemary, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Danny, Aunt Kay, Cousin Renauti, and more that I am afraid I am forgetting to mention.


So much work went into this benefit for us.  First off, there was an overwhelming amount of donations that were given to us.  My family and friends spent quite a bit of time collecting, sorting, and tagging the items.  Thanks to my mom, sister, and Aunt Kay who made the baked goods for the sale.  And most of all, thank you to everyone who came out to support us today by making purchases and donations.  My mom enjoyed meeting people who knew me, and some shared with her and my sister how they knew me.  Other breast cancer survivors also came out in support and shared their stories of triumph over cancer.


In addition to the benefit sale, the chess club that my husband belongs to had a collection can set up at their chess tournament today.  Thank you Jerry!!  Jerry did a great job decorating the collection can..I will have to take a picture tomorrow and post it.


All of the support that we have received from our  friends, family, and strangers has been amazing.  The emotional support has meant the most to me.

Before I end this for the night, I would like to add that we are surrounded by the best neighbors that anyone could ask for.  Beau came to visit this afternoon and brought me a beautiful mum with a small scarecrow for my porch.  I normally decorate for the fall and so far this year the only thing out there is another beautiful mum that my mom bought me a couple of weeks ago.  He also brought another yummy desert that his mom made.  Mrs. Raley is quickly becoming my son’s favorite neighbor!!  Nick and Domenic think she makes the best deserts!  Beau then found out about the sale that we had today since my mom and friend Stephanie were both here at the house, and he made a very nice donation of his own.  That was the point where the emotions of the whole day hit me and I started to cry.  Beau’s generosity pushed me over my daily hold in the tears limit.  Beau and his mom, along with our other neighbor, Vera, send me cards on a regular basis and have been sending food down to help keep Nick and the kids fed.  In addition to them, Mrs. Virginia and her daughter have also brought over some wonderful meals (Nick really wants to get her potato soup recipe)!

I can truly say that I am blessed.  Blessed with a wonderful family, fantastic friends, and the best neighbors a person could ask for.


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