October 12, 2012


So….Nick has been reluctant to leave me with anyone else.  He has stayed at home with me the whole first week of my first chemo.  He has been a great nurse.  I had suggested several times that he could take me to my moms house and she could “watch” me for a while so he could have a break.  He said “I don’t know about that…..”  Your mom will let you get away with anything!

You know where this is leading, right?

Tonight Mom offered to make dinner for Nick and Domenic.  Beckie had to work.  Nick dropped me and Domenic off with mom and came back home to get his bike and go for a ride.  I sat at the kitchen table and ate a little bit of rice and when Mom set the table with food for herself, Domenic, and Donnie, I thought I was going to be sick from the smell.  So I said “I am going to go crawl in your waterbed, Mom, and rest for a bit”.  No one said a word.

Fast forward.  Nick returns from his bike ride so that he can eat.  He wonders where I am.  I am stuck in Mom’s waterbed.  It sits up on a set of drawers and is high.  I cannot roll out because it hurts my foobies (fake boobies) /expanders.  I cannot reach the ground with my feet.  I cannot scoot over to the edge.  I am stuck.

Mom is wondering if she is going to have to call 911 and have the fire department come out to help get me out of her bed.

Nick keeps calling me a dumb ass.  How nice is that?????

Eventually, after multiple attempts at different ideas, mom and Nick manage to get me out of the waterbed without having to call 911.  Thank goodness!!!!!

Nick said “See why I didn’t want to leave you there??”  And then he called me a dumb ass AGAIN!  He did say it lovingly, but still!!!!



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