November 6, 2012

This third round of chemo kicked my butt.  Actually, it still is.  I started to get tired Thursday night after chemo, and by Friday I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I slept on the drive to Louisville on Friday for my IV fluids and shot.  I slept while getting the IV fluids, and have continued to sleep on and off since.  It was an overwhelming fatigue that is hard to describe.  Just trying to eat or drink something has been difficult.

On top of that, my nose has started to bleed when I blow my nose, so Nick wants me to call the triage nurse about that soon.  And my throat hurts, so I have to start my baking soda mouth wash/gargles again in a few minutes.

Last night my sister, Amanda, planned a fundraiser at Gatti’s Pizza for us and I was so hoping to be able to go, but unfortunately, I did not get to make it.  I hear that we had a lot of friends and family show up in support of us.  That means more to me than you will ever know.


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