November 3, 2012

On Thursday I went for chemo #3 of AC.  I had my lab work completed first and had a few issues with that because my port had clotted off and they were unable to get my blood to come out.  After two saline flushes and 2 syringes of Heparin (a blood thinner) they were able to get my blood to come out.


After that, I had to go sit in the waiting room again to wait for my doctor’s appoint with Dr. Riley.  She was running pretty far behind so Nick and I had an almost 3 hours wait!  As we were sitting there I noticed an older lady sitting by herself.  She kept wiping tears from her eyes.  I decided to go over and sit with her for a few minutes.  That few minutes turned in to an hour or more.  She had undergone her mastectomy 7 days prior and was also recovering from a shoulder replacement which is how they realized that she had breast cancer.  She was there at the doctor’s for 2 appointments.  One appointment was to get the results of her pathology and the other was to hopefully get her drainage tubes removed.  She was all alone.  Her son had dropped her off and just said to call when she was ready to be picked up.  She was going to have to walk about 2 blocks to get to her next appointment.  How can a child do that?  No one needs to be alone during a time like this.  It made me feel so sad for her.  Oh, and on top of her cancer, her husband just passed away three months ago.  So much for one person to have to deal with!

Anyway, I sat with her, held her hand, and gave her hugs as needed.  I let her talk about her fears, and answered she questions as honestly as I could.  My heart broke for this woman who was all alone during such a time,  It makes me even more thankful for the support system that I have.  I exchanged phone numbers with her and I have her address.  She actually lives only a couple of miles from me.  I am going to get together a care package to mail to her because I know how much those packages and cards brightened my day.  I hope to be able to stop over to visit with her some also.

She sent me a text and told me that I had brightened her day and what a blessing I was.  She couldn’t believe that I came over to talk to her and spent so much time listening to her.  She is wrong…she brightened my day.  She was a blessing to me.  She reminded me of how good my life is and how much a support system I have.  I hope that I can become a bit of a support system with her.


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