November 16, 2012


The first part of my BRCA testing for the breast cancer gene mutation came back negative!!!!  This is great news for my children and my sisters.  It was such a relief to get that news!  I was in the grocery store with my mom when I received the call and I immediately started to cry (these darn emotions of mine!).  I had to quickly reassure my mom that they were happy tears!  I am still waiting on another part of the test results to come back, but I am so happy about the first part.  Such a huge weight off of my shoulders.

I also received a call from Dr. Riley’s office today.  I have to be at University of Louisville Hospital on Monday at 9am.  They will do the dye test to see what is going on with my port.  If there is an easy fix, I can then go next door to Brown Cancer Center and get my chemo treatment.  I am praying for an easy fix!  I do not want my chemo schedule to be interrupted to badly.  I am ready for this to be over!!  Please send positive thoughts that this is an easy fix and I do not have to have surgery to have this port removed and another one put in!


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