January 3, 2013

I just got home from chemo treatment #8 of 15.  I am more than half way finished now!!  WooHoo!  My lab work came back good..not great, but good.  My red blood cells were still low, but not low enough to require more blood.  My white blood cells were also up to 2.9 which is still considerably low, but better than they were on Monday.  So even though my numbers were still considered low..I look at it as an accomplishment because they are higher than they were last Thursday and this past Monday.  You have to look on the bright side!!!


I was not a good chemo buddy to Nick today.  After my lab work came back showing that I could go ahead with treatment today, my nurse, Vickie, gave me my pre-medications.  Benadryl, a steroid, and Pepcid.  Within literally minutes of the Benadryl going into my port my eyes got so heavy!  Nick had gone to get something to eat for breakfast and said that he was only gone for 10 minutes.  He said that when he got back I was out like a light in my recliner.  I was snuggled down with 2 heated blankets and don’t remember a thing.  Nick said that when the nurses came over to start my chemo that I didn’t even answer them when they asked for my name and date of birth..something that they have to do before giving you anything up there.  Thankfully they allowed Nick to answer that for me and I have no memory of even being hooked up to the chemo this week.  Nick woke me up to tell me that I was finished with treatment and we could go home.  I feel bad for leaving him to sit there alone with no one to talk to…but that Benadryl sent me for a loop!  I still feel groggy several hours later.

I am hoping and praying that this treatment goes as easy on me as the last one did.  With the last treatment I had some aches and pains but nothing bad and I was able to keep moving and really didn’t have any days this past week where I was down and out.


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