January 22, 2012

Being on “house arrest” is not the most fun thing in the world.  But on the bright side, if I have to be locked in..at least it is in the middle of the winter when it is freezing outside and not in the middle of the summer!!

Tomorrow I will be out of the house for a bit while I have physical therapy in the morning.  I really need to get a few things from the store, but I guess I will have to wait until Nick can have a chance to go for me.

Domenic is sleeping over at my mom’s house tonight.  He came home from school early today sick.  His legs and arms feel achy and weak, he has a headache, and chills.  My mom went and picked him up and took him straight to her house.  Nick took him clean clothes and some other things after he got home from work.  I am really hoping it isn’t the flu.  This is the second time that Domenic has been sick this month!!!  We are waiting to see how he is feeling in the morning to see if I need to call the doctor and make an appointment.  What would I do without my momma???

I heard back from Dr. Dragun’s office and I have an appointment next Thursday after chemo.  I sure hope I can stay awake for the appointment!!  Those pre-meds that they give me have been putting me to sleep for hours!  Thankfully Nick will be with me to ask questions and remember the answers!!

Other than that there is not a lot going on right now.  I understand now what the chemo nurses were talking about when they told me that the Taxol will cause more symptoms the more treatments that I am on.  Each treatment leaves me feeling achy and tired just a little longer than the time before.  I am not sick like I was on the AC or the first dose dense Taxol, so for that I am grateful.  Only FIVE more chemo treatments to go and I can put this chapter behind me.


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