January 16, 2013

I spoke to Dr. Dragun’s new patient scheduler, Phyllis, this afternoon and she took all of my information and is requesting my medical records from Dr. Riley.  She said that once they have those she will call me back with an appointment day and time.

Today was my third physical therapy appointment with Beth.  We went through some stretching exercises and then she worked on my right arm.  She was showing me how to help my right arm drain through the lymph system.  This is something that breast cancer patients have difficulty with after the removal of lymph nodes and after having radiation to the underarm area.  I am not having an issue with lymphedema at this time, but since I will be starting radiation therapy soon, she says that it is very important that I learn how to manage it before it becomes a problem and that I can hopefully avoid having any serious issues with it.  Beth also worked on loosening the muscles on the right side around my expander.  That is the painful part of therapy.

I also received in the mail today my application to attend the Breast Cancer Weekend Retreat in Louisville sponsored by  The Kentucky Cancer Program and the Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Louisville Affiliate.  This is a weekend retreat for breast cancer fighters and survivors. The retreat is the first weekend in March (Friday-Sunday).  It appears to be a weekend packed with informational classes.  According to the itinerary the following classes will be available:

Communicating with your Medical Team

Mammograms after Breast Cancer

Coping with Breast Cancer



Disability during Breast Cancer

Also included are belly dancing classes, Reiki treatments, and Craniosacral therapy

The schedule is set up so everyone can attend every class.  I am really looking forward to attending this retreat, learning new information about breast cancer, and meeting new people who are going through the same thing that I am.


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