January 15, 2013

Nick and I had decided that that I would have my radiation therapy done here locally at Hardin Memorial Hospital because of the time involved in daily treatments five days a week for six weeks.  We could make the trip to Louisville, but it would be hard to do daily.

As we were watching the news tonight, there was a segment on Dr. Anthony Dragun and theBrown Cancer Center where I am currently receiving my treatment.  Dr. Dragun is the doctor who I was originally referred to by my medical oncologist, Dr. Riley.  In this news segment they interviewed Dr. Dragun on a new plan of care for breast cancer patients at Brown Cancer Center.  It involves 5 weekly radiation treatments (5 treatments TOTAL)  rather than five treatments each week for 5-6 weeks (25-30 treatments TOTAL).  After watching the news Nick and I decided that it would be worth it to go and talk to Dr. Dragun and ask some questions before we make a final decision on my course of treatment.

Here is the link to the Wave3 news broadcast and an article from their website:




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