January 12, 2013

I was watching a video a little while ago about the caregiver’s of cancer patients.  This video talked about them being silent heroes.  Watching this video made me think about Nick and how hard this has all been on him also.  He has stayed so strong throughout this when I was falling apart.  All of the attention has been on me, what I need, how do I feel, what comes next…  How has he managed to stay so strong and keep going with all of the responsibilities that have been on his shoulders?  He has continued to work, go to every appointment and treatment with me, take care of me at home when I am sick, and has picked up a lot of slack on the household chores that I haven’t been able to to do.  And through it all I know he has been stressed and worried.  But he has kept going and hasn’t slowed down.  He really is my silent hero.

My mom is also my silent hero.  I cannot imagine how this has been for her either.  As a mom myself, I  cannot imagine watching my daughter go through the things that I myself have gone through over the last five months.  I know it has been hard on my mom, but she has stayed strong and has been here to help me also.  I have seen her cry just a couple of times.  I know she has probably cried more than that throughout this journey of mine, but she rarely does so in front of me.  She is trying to stay strong for me.  I don’t know how she does it.


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