January 10, 2013

I marked another chemo treatment off of my calendar today!  WooHoo!  Only 6 more to go!

I was, once again. a bad chemo buddy to Nick today.  I don’t understand…with my first 3 Taxol treatments when I received my pre-meds which help to prevent a reaction to the chemo, I got drowsy from the Benadryl, but was able to stay awake to talk to Nick through my treatment.  Last week and again today, however, I was out like a light within minutes of the nurse giving me the Benadryl through my IV.  I vaguely recall Ernie (my nurse today) coming over and asking me for my name and date of birth before starting my chemo.  I even think that I was able to answer him this time.  Last week Nick had to verify who I was.  The next thing I know Nick was waking me up because I was curled up on my side in the recliner and Ernie needed to remove the needle from my port because chemo was finished.   I rolled over, Ernie  removed the needle and put a bandage over my port, and Nick helped me to the car.  Once in the car I was out again and slept through the drive home.  Nick woke me up as we were pulling into the driveway at home.  I walked in and went straight to the couch and and Nick covered me up.  I slept for a couple more hours.  I was so out of it.

I had been told that my hair would not start to grow back in until a month or two after chemo was complete.  Mine has started to grow back very slowly.  I have stubble over the majority of my head.  I asked Ernie about it today and he said that since my chemo was changed to a lower dose, even though by the time I am finished I will have received the same amount as originally prescribed just in a lower dose given over a longer period of time, that it can allow my hair to start growing back.  He said that I could end up with “peach fuzz” on my head but that it will probably not get very thick or amount to much until chemo is completed.  Peach fuzz or not..I am excited about my hair.


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