Feb. 7, 2013

I got some really great new today. Nick and I met with Dr. Dragun, radiation oncologist at Brown Cancer Center today. I had originally gone to see a radiation oncologist here in E-Town (He is a general radiation doctor who handles all kinds of cancer) because it was going to be closer to home and he recommended 30 daily treatments of radiation for 6 weeks. Monday thru Friday. He recommended this because the cancer was close to my chest wall.  He did say at the time that I was in the gray area where it could go either way with the need for radiation.  We talked for over two hours that day before he finally made a decision.

Well today when we met with Dr. Dragun, who specializes in just breast cancer, he said that the harm from the radiation would outweigh the benefits in my case and he recommends NO RADIATION. He read all of my reports and he said that because the tumors were close to my chest wall that Dr. McMasters also took the thin lining from my chest muscle and had it biopsied and it was negative for any cancer. In order for the cancer to have spread to my chest wall it would have had to go through this thin membrane. It hadn’t!!! I will be very closely monitored for the next two years (every three months). So once the chemo is complete next week I can move on to reconstruction and begin to get our family back on the “normal” track….well as close to normal as we can be LOL.

Nick and I discussed what both doctors had told us and for multiple reasons we are going to go with Dr. Dragun’s recommendation.  Dr. Dragun specializes in breast cancer radiation.  He is involved in several radiation trials that are currently active, and has been involved in other studies.  He is very well known in the radiation oncology field and you can find studies and articles about him online to read.  He is on top of his game here.  Also, Everyone at Brown Cancer Center has been so wonderful with me.  All of the doctors on my team meet once a week and discuss the patient’s in their care so that all doctors know what is going on in all aspects of the patient’s care.  So Dr. Dragun was aware of all of my history, treatments, and had the input from my other doctors.  So Nick and I are going to go with their recommendations.


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