Feb. 28, 2013

I started taking my new prescription of Tamoxifen last Friday and I have felt like I have been in a fog.  I am so fatigued…hopefully this side effects doesn’t last for long! I am hoping that as my body adjusts to taking the medication that the fatigue/fog will lift.  Other than that, i am starting to feel so much better now that I am finished with chemotherapy.  My taste buds are starting to work again…food is starting to actually taste like that it is supposed to again.  What a relief!!!  The muscle pains are also mostly gone.  I am still dealing with neuropathy in my feet and hands though.  My hands are mild, but my feet are still bothering me quite a bit.  I have been told that this side effect could resolve in a few weeks, a few months, a year, or never.  Since my hands are slowly getting better i am holding on to the hope that my feet will start returning to normal soon also!!

I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before in my blog or not, but I am on a Relay for life team this year.  I am doing my part to try to raise money for cancer research.  If anyone is interested in donating to our team “The Bosom Buddies”, please let me know.  The walk will be held on may 10th at Central Hardin High School.

I am excited about this weekend!  I am going to Louisville tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday for a Breast Cancer Survivors Weekend Retreat.  Two other gals from our local (Hardin County) breast cancer support group are going also and we are going to ride up together tomorrow afternoon.  I am looking forward to meeting some other cancer warriors, making new friends, and most importantly gaining new information about this cancer journey.  I am going to miss nick and the kids though!!!


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